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M3 Imposter to Empowered Leader Academy™ - Fall2021

M3 Imposter to Empowered Leader Academy™ - Fall2021

Ready to get back on track to being the badass you’ve always been? If you’re ready to invest in you again and fill that cup, then let’s make it happen! All I’m asking is for you to show up for you. You are worth it!

My hope for you is that you can proudly show up as your whole self in your relationships and receive the love you are so worthy of by transforming your past experiences into an authentic sense of self-love. My wish for you is to embrace the bold thinker you are in your professional life, free of the Imposter Syndrome that has silenced you in the past. My ultimate goal for you is that you learn to trust your decision-making abilities and fully understand how all of your life experiences - the good and the bad - have created the powerful badass you are today. And as a bonus, you love the hell out of yourself and your life. 

11 Modules

Module 1A- Onboarding - Welcome to Mᶾ Imposter to Empowered Leader Academy™!

Welcome to Mᶾ! This module is designed to give you some foundational information that will help you navigate the program. 

Module 1B- Behold, Our Brains and Bodies!

It's amazing how much goes on in our brains and bodies that we may not realize impacts the way we show up in our relationships. This video will introduce you to some concepts that may help you see, understand, and connect to your behaviors a bit differently. 

Module 2 - Clinch Your Confidence

The tips and strategies to Clinch Your Confidence and Master Your Uplevel. 

Module 3 - Reframe Your Relationships

Let's reframe your relationships so you feel more fulfilled and aligned. 

Module 4 - Courage In Conflict

Module 5- Allow the Integration

Module 6- Cease the Subordination

Let's Cease the Subordination!

Module 7- Declare Your Desires

Declare Your Desires - what do you (reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy) want in life? 

Module 8- Shush Your Shames!

Shush your shames and guilts to allow what you so boldly declared you desire! 

Module 9A - Let In The Love

Module 9B - Amplify Your Influence

Modules for this product 11

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